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Pregnancy Survival Guide During COVID-19

Apr 21, 2020

We all need more coping skills to help us through this time. And, during pregnancy it’s vital! I know, you want to do ALL the right things and maintain your sanity throughout your pregnancy for the health of your mind, body and baby, during a pandemic! That’s where this Survival Guide will help. You’ll find easy to incorporate Meditations, Yoga and Nutritional Tips for daily use to support your overall pregnancy health during this anxiety ridden time. 

All the best CDC practices of staying home, social distancing, washing your hands, getting enough sleep are a great first defense on the physical level yet, they don’t address any mental and spiritual health and wellness guidelines nor the implications of dealing with anxieties, fears and stress. 

In this pregnancy survival guide you’ll find simple, yet powerful tips on how to maintain your mental health and mindset including tips on meditation practices, mantra, breath work, as...

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