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Science proves “Meditation” helps to de-Stress. Provide your baby with a calmer, healthier womb home in which to grow.

Make a difference in 3 minutes. Find a guided meditation and informative info you can quickly & easily apply.

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Get free guided meditations and breath practices that support your pregnancy. Feel less anxious, connect with your baby, and find greater balance.


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Elevate your and your baby's soul (for a lifetime of less karma!)

Be guided in this potent meditation. You have the power to purify your  baby's energy so he or she has less karma to play out in this life.

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"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change."

Marie F. Mongan


Mother, Pregnancy Guide, Life Enthusiast 

I guide pregnant women in connecting to their intuition and baby as they embark on the journey of bringing a beautiful, loving soul into the world. You have so much to give this baby that has found its way to you.

Let me support you in finding your pregnancy rhythm to feel greater confidence between midwife or OB visits. Feel confident you're setting yourself up for a pregnancy and birth experience you'll look back on as the time and day you found your greatest power.


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A Complete Approach For Your Journey to Motherhood

Meeting You At Every Stage Of Pregnancy. When the anxiety and stress of pregnancy creep up you need tools to find calm, feel prepared for birth and to ease into Motherhood.


The Holistic Pregnancy Program

Looking for Beta Testers & Feedback on the final stages of this program.

If You're Looking to Feel Fully Supported In Mind, Body & with Baby With Vital Pregnancy Health Elements

Support your pregnancy and the various changes happening in your mind, body and that also support baby in each trimester.

Find effective, specifically curated prenatal yoga, meditation, breath, mindset, pelvic floor practices and the nourishing nutrients your body and baby need.

  • Feel safe and cared for with carefully curated practices for each trimester
  • Be guided throughout your entire pregnancy journey
  • Release fear and anxiety and feel more confident in your abilities
  • Create a balanced routine for strength in mind, body and baby

Finally practices that make a difference and support your whole pregnancy while preparing you for birth and postpartum recovery.

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Work With Me: A Personalized Journey.

We'll work together to define specific practices tailored to how you're feeling and what you're currently experiencing in your pregnancy both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Meet your personal pregnancy needs with more custom offerings created to meet you and your baby exactly where you're at through every stage of your pregnancy.

Want someone to take you by the hand as you move through the uniqueness of each trimester?

  • We'll create the perfect combination of Prenatal Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Breath work, Mindset, Pelvic Floor and Nutrition practices that are specific to your pregnancy needs
  • Feel supported with me as your pregnancy coach. I'll be by your side offering more personalized practices when and where it's needed most
  • Take more control of your pregnancy and have a greater connection to it and your baby

You're doing big work and shifting your identity too. This extraordinary life transition deserves your greatest attention!

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