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Find carefully curated practices to feel less stressed and more prepared for birth. Ultimately giving your baby the healthiest and most calm womb to develop, grow and connect with you as you create your lifetime journey.

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Meditation Made Easy

Science proves “Meditation” helps to de-Stress. Practice regularly and provide your baby with a healthier womb home (yes, happy baby) in which to grown and develop.

You'll find informative Meditation info. you can quickly & easily apply ... common myths, postures, practice tips and valuable pointers.

💫 And a Simple 3 Minute Guided 💫  Meditation for running thoughts.

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    Yogic Pregnancy Guide

    Take care of Yourself and Baby with Yogic, Meditation, Nutrition, Mindset & Immune System tips to lower stress for Mind, Body and Baby during your pregnancy during the pandemic.

    Get the Pregnancy Survival Guide full of simple, ancient, holistic and science-based ways to feel grounded, safe, and comforted in the midst of the external chaos.

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    Prenatal Yoga, Breath, Meditation.

    Everything is available to you all month long, anytime and anywhere..  Dive deeper into pregnancy health in mindset, movement, meditation and connection to your baby.

    Explore the practices of yoga, meditation and breath work that meet your needs, those of your body and your baby's for its growth and development within each trimester.

    Feel supported, strong, more in control of your pregnancy health and fully prepared for birth.

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    Meeting your pregnancy needs with meditation classes and prenatal Kundalini yoga classes. 

    Various opportunities to work together 1:1 with personally customized practices and meditation and breath practices. Book a Free discovery call.

    Watch for various 40-day meditation offerings.

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    I guide pregnant women in connecting to their intuition and baby as they embark on the journey of bringing a beautiful, loving soul into the world. You have so much to give this baby that has found its way to you.

    Let me support you in creating the touchy, feely spiritual health and wellness in your pregnancy that you don’t get from your midwife or OB. You'll feel even stronger throughout your pregnancy and your baby's birth.

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