Let's Work Together 

Motherhood brings expansion and grace in holding space for your growing family. Let me support you in maintaining self-care and in giving your baby the healthiest and most nourishing space in which to grow and develop. Let’s work together virtually via Zoom to create a personal connection.

Free Introductory Call

Let’s define your pregnancy goals, challenges, & concerns and get started...

Identify the first step on your personalized roadmap with a meditation and/or mantra. My gift to you is one free custom meditation. Live a conscious pregnancy and feel empowered and more connected to your baby.


Private Virtual Prenatal Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Class

75-90min – $50

In the comfort of your home or backyard enjoy a private Yoga & Meditation class.

Choose Yoga Class Type - Choose a regular Prenatal Yoga class or choose a class curated specifically for your pregnancy (ex. for 2nd trimester or for your Heart Center).


Private Prenatal Kundalini Meditation Classes

30-45min – $30

In the comfort of your home or backyard enjoy a private Meditation class.

A specific meditation will be chosen just for you based on what you’re currently working to improve in your pregnancy health and wellness.


Private Virtual Sessions for Pregnancy Wellness

$150 per month

4 collaborative 90min Zoom sessions per month. Sessions include a prenatal yoga class and a specifically chosen personal meditation for your daily practice over the upcoming week.

We’ll work with where you’re at in your pregnancy as we determine how to best support you and baby.