Will You Step Onto The Path Toward Manifesting Your Dream Pregnancy? 

Motherhood brings expansion, grace and self-discovery. Allow yourself to receive support to raise your vibration, your baby's vibration to experience your energy and power like never before. 

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...about the energetics of pregnancy and how to raise your vibration to meet your dream pregnancy.

You know pregnancy is so much more than the mechanics of OB visits. 

Let's identify your first step in connecting with the energetics of pregnancy. 

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Private Virtual Prenatal Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Class

75-90min – $50

In the comfort of your home or backyard enjoy a private Yoga & Meditation class.

Choose Yoga Class Type - Choose a regular Prenatal Yoga class or choose a class curated specifically for your pregnancy (ex. Building Strength & Staying Fit in the 2nd trimester or Opening Your Heart).


Private Prenatal Kundalini Meditation Classes

30-45min – $30

In the comfort of your home or backyard enjoy a private Meditation class.

A specific meditation will be chosen just for you based on what you’re currently dealing with in your pregnancy... like fear, anxiety, or sleep, etc.


Private Customized Sessions in The Energetics of A Mother's Journey

$450 per month

4 collaborative 60min virtual Zoom sessions plus 8 text messages for direct access to & support from Katherine.

Finally find the support and guidance you need to calm your fears and get answers to raise the vibration in your pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy is about acknowledging the energetic, emotional and physical bodies for you and baby.