About Katherine Mardesich

How I transitioned from corporate life to motherhood and ultimately to supporting pregnant women in having a calm, healthy and empowered pregnancy and birth.


Before the epiphany that I had the exact experience and confidence from all my years of working in food, vitamins and supplements, the years of yoga practice and yoga certifications, I questioned myself and didn't completely trust my intuition. I was...

Uber focused on gathering tons of pregnancy related info

Anxious about not knowing if i was doing too much or not enough for my baby

Scared of birth and whether I could really handle it 

... even if I didn't want to admit it.  

By connecting with myself, trusting in something I couldn't yet see, and realizing the value of my career and yoga experience I know with confidence this wise woman wisdom needs to be shared so pregnant women feel calm and confident in pregnancy, birth and beyond.


My focus had been on achieving... 

I was in control of my life. I attended a top prestigious business school for my advanced masters degree, MBA. I worked as a marketing executive at a Fortune 500 company. I studied GMOs (genetically modified organisms) before they were common language. I developed dozens of vitamin and supplement products that I brought to market. And even won a Women's Supplement Product of the Year Award for from Women's Day magazine.

Even my regular yoga practice was about achieving a balance. It was a way to do something good for my body, to become more flexible.

But, I was lacking an ability to set boundaries. I was hell bent on proving myself and that I had what it took to climb the corporate ladder. The stress mounted and triple espressos, yoga (when I could fit it in) and acupuncture weren't the answers.

And, what I really wanted was to have a baby. But, i wasn't getting pregnant and didn't keep my pregnancy!

I had to slow down.



Figuring Out A New Way.. My Way

Getting real with myself.

For my own personal happiness I knew I had to connect with what I truly wanted. For the first time I had to forgo what I and culture placed so much importance on. AND, I had to admit I couldn't do it ALL.


My Way ~ The Intentional Work (not anyone else’s)

I lowered my daily stress levels by changing my job and working less hours

I relied on my knowledge of foods, nutrition, vitamins and supplements

I leaned into my Hatha and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation practice for my body and mind's health

I aligned with my truth, trusted and took a stand using the wise wisdom I'd gained and then applied!

These simple tools allowed space for a baby in my life, in my body and in my growing family.


I believed in myself and my experience which transformed my pregnancy from one of feeling anxious and a little worried to one of feeling empowered and in control knowing my routine and my actions were a direct line to my babies ability to thrive in utero and in life.

The more I dove in the more confident I became.

  • The foods I ate and vitamins I supplemented with in each trimester that best supported my babies growth and development
  • The yoga and meditation that prepared

~ my body and helped to position my baby properly for birth

~ my mind and gave me tools I practiced and then was more easily able to apply in birth for greater overall ease

  • The connection I created, had experience with and utilized in my babies birth to turn around an emergency c-section into a situation where the resident OB asked "what just happened?" I had been talking to my baby and he responded. We had been connecting for months and he and I both knew we were going to be alright. 

This confidence is available to you as you define your path to Motherhood and I can share the tools. With a small regular commitment you have the ability to greatly alter the course of your relationship and experience with yourself and your baby.

You'll meet and get to know the beautiful, powerful pregnant woman that you may not yet know that intimately.



A woman’s intuition is strongest while pregnant
and this is what I help pregnant women to discover, connect to and trust during their pregnancy. Strengthening this internal guidance system, believing in it and trusting it to gives your baby the healthiest, safest, and most loved beginning…

A beginning that starts in utero, way before this baby is in your arms gazing with love into your eyes. This connection to yourself shapes your birthing experience, as well as, your baby’s existence. This is just the beginning of your lifelong journey together but the most impactful setting the foundation for their lifetime.

Meet and get to know the beautiful, powerful pregnant woman that you may not yet see. This feminine strength is why I’m a pregnancy ambassador for YOU and your BABY.


It's your birth right to embrace the goddess you are. To embrace your super power... your divine feminine innate and natural Mothering instinct. To meet the woman inside you have yet to meet.

My passion is to help you discover her and to share tools to help in this life transition to motherhood.

I do this because pregnant mamas deserve more AND I can support you with tools.


  • your mindset, emotions and fears to feel more balanced and confident throughout your pregnancy
  • in moving your body for strength, pliability, the health of your pelvic floor and positioning your baby for birth,
  • breath practices that help with everything from calming your nervous system to aiding in sleep and heartburn.



There's more to pregnancy and birth than is talked about and openly shared. There's so much available to you to support you and your baby.

You deserve to feel calm, find joy, understand how to move through the hormonal mood swings, the discomfort in your body, the birth preparation journey.. and so much more!

I'm here to champion you, your pregnancy, birth and baby all the way!

Take Your Pregnancy Health Support Deeper Each Month

Support your pregnancy and the changes happening within you, your body and with your baby through every stage. Find specially curated practices  supporting yoga, meditation, breath, mindset and the pelvic floor.

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You have so much to give this baby that has chosen YOU. With practice like this and trust in yourself:

  • you’ll feel comfort in knowing your body will be prepared and ready for birth

  • you’ll have practice working with your mind to navigate the natural surges of birthing your baby

  • you’ll have practice communicating with your baby (talking and listening to) and in trusting your intuitive sense that will serve the birthing process

  • your body will be prepared having the strength and pliability needed in birth

  • you'll have greater trust in yourself and your intuition and know or feel the right movements needed for you, your body and/or baby. It's different for everyone, only you know you.

  • the lessons (and there will be many) you and your baby bring to one another in this life will have a greater ease

“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.”

By Marie F. Mongan


2016 KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. 220 hour professional certification program fulfilling the Yoga Alliance RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 200-hour requirement.

2016 Khalsa Way Prenatal Certified Instructor 85-hour professional certification program fulfills Yoga Alliance’s 85-hour standard for a RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher).

2020 Three Minute Start Meditation 20 hour certification


Vitamins and Supplements. Led Nature Made Vitamins Brand Marketing and Strategy, which led to their Fish Oil Vitamin Supplement being awarded Most Innovative Vitamin Product of the Year by Women’s Day.

Food and Nutrition. Managed marketing and development on various nationally recognized leading food brands for ConAgra Foods.

MBA, Masters degree in Business, from the University of Southern California. Ranked in the Top 20 Best Grad School Rankings for a MBA by U.S. News and World Reports

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