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Pregnancy Self Care With Bathing Blessings

Jul 22, 2020

AHHHH! The thoughts of time and space for just you and your baby.  Imagine a nice warm bath, music that makes your heart sing, a cup of soothing tea and a candle … how decadent and how relaxing! Just you, your thoughts, and your baby. A ritual, a meditation, a blessing.

It’s important to take time out for you with pregnancy self-care. A bath, this quiet space, is time to connect with your mind, body and baby. Finding some quiet your spirit feels the connection of your two souls; the energy flow between you and your baby. Water vibrates energy and sound …

Give yourself time and space to relax, to dream your motherhood journey dreams, to talk with your baby, to listen to your inner guidance, to listen to your baby’s whispers.

Read further to find detail about a bathing ritual, a couple bath recipes and their benefits, and the good to know about how to make the best experience of your bathing ritual.



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