Meditation for Intuition

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2020

Meditation for INtuition

(19 minute meditation)


As you’re navigating your pregnancy, life, transition to Motherhood and bring this challenging year to a close and turn the corner into a lighter year (out of Capricorn into Aquarius) I wanted to offer a Meditation for Intuition.

Meditating to expand your intuition in your pregnancy helps throughout your pregnancy in knowing how to move, what to eat, feeling into what your baby needs, and into Motherhood. But, I also wanted to provide this as a tool to use and practice to center yourself into your inner guidance and knowing. Expanding your intuition will not only help you in your pregnancy and birth but, will also, help lighten the challenging emotions associated with this year.

Trusting and developing a stronger relationship with your intuition takes practice. So, follow this guided 19minute meditation and let’s get started.



  • Mantra - Ang Sung Wahe (wha - hay) Guru. A mantra to connect with your intuition.
  • Mudra hand posture - Gyan mudra. The tip of the index and thumb fingers touch.
  • Eye focus - At the bridge of the nose or the third eye point.



Yogis believe women are naturally 16x more intuitive than men. And, we open up to it even more during pregnancy and into Motherhood. Yet, even with the natural opening up to your intuition there is room to enhance and strengthen our intuitive sense to better guide you in life.


Ways to strengthen your INtuition.

  • Taking a pause and going INside for answers
  • Practicing listening to how your body feels about a choice or situation
  • Practice asking your body a question and then feel into the “yes” answer vs. the “no” answer. How do they differ? Does one feel easier or lighter?
  • Practice trusting your intuition
  • Regular meditation to:
    • Operate / function from a calmer state out of your parasympathetic nervous system.
    • Reduce stress. When you’re caught up in all the stress and emotions you make decisions and choices based off of your emotions and not from your inner sense, your intuitive sense of what is better
    • Decrease reactionary responses from the more reptilian area of your brain. That part where anger, frustration, fear, and other emotions drive actions and decisions.
    • Allow space to quiet the mind and slow down enough to listen to your inner knowing. Busyness doesn’t allow the space for this to happen.


How meditation works with your intuition.

Daily meditation strengthens your intuition by cleansing the mind and bringing your thoughts and feelings into alignment with the wisdom of the soul.

A strong intuitive mind gives you the ability to know the unknown consequences of our actions before we act, so that we can make wise choices to guide our lives.

A meditative mind is a process to the intuitive mind.


What it means to connect with your intuition

When you take the time to slow the thoughts down, to calm your body, to connect with your self you are guided in truth, your truth. Think about this … you’re happier when you do things that resonate with your soul, that light you up. That puts a smile on your face.

It’s quite the opposite when we’re in auto-pilot and are doing the things, reacting to people, feeling our emotions.

Note here: feeling your emotions is healthy and should be experienced, but getting caught in your emotions is another thing and that’s what I’m talking about here.

So, when you trust, believe and practice using your intuition you’ve allowed for more space, you’ve softened your “to do” always going, productive resolve and sat with yourself. That’s the magic and that’s where you connect to your knowing and allow for your creativity to present itself. You’re connecting with your intuitive sense.

Expanding & Strengthening Your Intuition Brings Joy

And when you settle into this space you’re happier because you’re connecting with your soul desires. You can better relate to and understand what it is that lights you up. You’ll do something just because “it feels” like something you should do or that you’d like to do not knowing why…. And, if you do this it inevitably leads to something else. As you follow this path you end up somewhere you may have never imagined, but somewhere that your soul has led you to and that brings you joy.



This practice and philosophy works the same way as you transition to Motherhood. It’s innate. It’s already within you .. it’s just been waiting for the right time to surface and become more present in your daily life. And, the degree in which you practice, trust and believe in yourself and your knowing during your pregnancy, after birth, and as a Mother, directly correlates with the strength and ability to apply your Intuition and sense of knowing.

Your life changes in Motherhood … especially if you listen. Listening to your body in pregnancy, listening to your baby. There are always clues some so subtle and some like shouts but, are you listening?


Example of Listening to Your Body in Pregnancy

Pay attention to the foods you’re craving. How does your body feel if you give it the option of two different foods? Just think of one option and feel into your body’s reaction or energetic acceptance or aversion to that food. Then feel into the second choice of a food. How does your body respond to that option? Does it feel like a yes, does your mouth water, do you just feel an ease when you think of it? It can be so so subtle.


Example of Listening to Your Baby in Utero

There may be movements you make that your baby responds to. Some are so obvious that you know your baby doesn’t like a position that you’re sitting or lying in or, possibly a food you’ve eaten. Maybe your baby has a reaction to the temperature of the bath or shower water. Too hot? These are signs. And, when they’re obvious it doesn’t feel like your intuition necessarily. But are you listening? When they’re super subtle, do you even notice them? Do you think "Oh, I have indigestion” but is it that or is it your body or baby letting you know that food isn’t good today, in this moment or right now during this time. Intuitively you’ll know … but, it’s the practice that makes this sense of trusting yourself and it stronger.

Set a routine and rhythm … finding a regular time to meditate. Taking a minute for slow deep breathing and connecting with yourself and your baby will work that intuitive muscle and strengthen it. Strengthening, listening, and trusting your intuitive nature will continue serving you for years to come in Motherhood.



Your intuition, true sense of course keeps you protected. You’ll more often choose and follow the path of your soul, the path taking you in the right direction even when you don’t yet understand why. It protects you from making decisions rooted in emotion and thought … which may not always be the best course of action. With intuition you’ll move into the guidance of tomorrow with the strength of today, and with the experience of yesterday.

Thinking brings your past into today … in a sense you’re living in your past. Yet many times we want to break away from past habits and patterns. There are things that serve us from our past and there are times when we need to trust our intuition and develop it so we make better choices in the present and future.

We get thousands of thoughts and we start thinking. With intuition you feel it, sense it, experience where the decision takes you … does it feel right?

Intuition is the source of happiness. Intuition is the personal reality to which your personality has to adjust. The natural beauty that you’ll like to flow in your life in a normal way will come out of your intuition.


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