About Kundalini Yoga

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2020

“If you positively move the vibration, the world is yours. There’s nothing standing between you and You.”

— YOGI BHAJAN, 07/14/87



A yoga of awareness connecting you to your higher intuitive self; your great guidance system in life.  Kundalini Yoga tunes, balances and elevates your vibration allowing your life to run more smoothly and with greater ease.  Meaning you live more in your dharma than karma. It’s a yogic technology that balances and strengthens the energy flow in your body.  Kundalini Yoga is a science and primarily works with your nervous and glandular systems to improve how your body, mind and spirit function and flow better together.

If you’re looking for a yoga practice that helps you feel …

  • like life has more balance,

  • like you’ve worked out some of your crud,

  • that better equips you to handle stress and life’s ups and downs,

  • that enables you to feel more sure-footed or self-assured,

  • and if you’re looking for something more than a physical workout,

You need to experience Kundalini yoga. It’s an experience!



Every Kundalini Prenatal Yoga class includes various aspects of Yoga or Union. Through this practice of movement, mantra, meditation and breathe work your baby learns from you. Your baby will learn how to breathe, to move, to feel and know a low stress home, and to swim in an elevated vibrational pool.  You are your baby’s teacher. You will give your baby a healthy, safe, and peaceful environment through Kundalini Prenatal Yoga, Mantra and Meditation in which to grow and develop.

The class themes are specifically chosen to support the ever-changing needs You and your Baby experience together throughout all the different developmental stages of pregnancy.  We tackle and work through various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns and issues at each stage. For example, a class could be focused on trust, on opening your heart, on releasing fear, or on balancing your hormones. Oh, we need this even when we’re not pregnant.

This work you and your baby do together over months grows your connection and begins to define the foundation and beginnings of how you’ll work together. So, by the time your baby is ready to come into this world and meet you face-to-face you will already know what it feels like to work together, to move together and breathe together. You’ll have practice with the personal rhythm of your relationship. This dance in trust, strength and love you’ve been practicing will make all the difference in how you waltz through your birthing experience and life together. Your relationship based on this intuition and connection lays the foundation for health in your baby’s growth and development in utero and for life.





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