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Create An Empowered Pregnancy and Birth Experience With Less Stress  

through yoga, meditation, breath, mindset and pelvic floor practices designed to support every stage of pregnancy


Reimagine pregnancy, take control and make a bigger impact by prioritizing YOU in as little as 3 minutes a day.

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It's the most exciting time of your life ... 

and now that you're pregnant,

it's all so real!

So real you have sleepless nights from constant worry about the unknowns.


Wanting to be the best Mom, feel the best throughout your pregnancy and do the best for your baby is what you've dreamt about for a long time. You want nothing less for you and your baby. And, you deserve nothing less!

The reality is that now you're wondering:

  • how to be the healthiest you've ever been so your baby gets what he/she needs
  • how to lessen any stress and worry largely self-imposed
  • how you're going to make it through your baby's birth with the least amount of pain

But, as you get more attached to these fears and they grow, your mind starts freaking out.

It's no wonder you constantly search for resources, tips, answers outside yourself. And, the self-imposed critic set unrealistically high expectations that are nearly impossible to live up to.

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Is the pregnancy glow even a thing...

Pregnancy is portrayed as the best time in life. So, we believe pregnancy should be fairly easy and all joy, love and happiness.

You do glow (or perspire), but not always. In truth, what isn't talked about is that you won't feel like your normal self.

You're also living the real day-to-day ebb and flow of pregnancy... nausea; the glow here may just be the sweat before the nausea. At times you feel exhausted or full of energy, or may have back aches and even heartburn. 

Remember, your body is going through an amazing transformation with:

  • the raging hormones that feel like PMS that never ends,
  • the weirdest cravings that will literally drive you to the store to grab just that one thing because that's all your body wants,
  • the off-putting smells that hit you like a ton of bricks out of nowhere... perhaps you have fond memories of the smell of your favorite food but all of a sudden it's repulsive.

Seriously, how is this all even possible?

So, give yourself some grace as this affects your day to day life and overall feelings of balance. Your body is beautiful and amazing. And, the reality is that most pregnancies don't exactly feel the pregnancy glow in the way you were expecting.


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Do you believe it's possible to feel like you did before you were pregnant only now you also have a baby in your belly... 

Or, is this more like how you feel?

  • You find yourself googling every little symptom, thought or feeling like it means something...
  • You keep worrying and then wonder what the stress of so much worry is doing to your baby...
  • You're looking for answers. And, feel like your prior life experiences and familiarity with your body should count for something... except pregnancy flips everything on its on their head and your body now feels more foreign than familiar.

With so much out of your control, acting like and striving to feel like your pre-pregnancy self isn't the most helpful.

That approach can keep you stuck in reacting to what's happening to you rather than being proactive and applying tools to support and balance your mind, body and baby's home.

Pregnancy asks for a commitment from you to YOU and YOUR BABY. The real and reimagined pregnancy is about nurturing you, going in, connecting with your mind, your body and your baby. It's about finding the time and space to give to yourself, love yourself, your body and baby.

Pregnancy health and birth preparedness begins with a mindset shift.

As a Modern Day Mama you'll create your own empowered pregnancy.

You know what worked in the past and keep trying the same things. But, pregnancy is a whole new story. One that requires you to nurture yourself and your pregnancy. 

A nurtured pregnancy will ...

  • Better support the changes happening in every stage of pregnancy so you feel more calm, comfortable and cared for.
  • Help balance your brain and your body's systems to lessen stress and bring greater presence and ease.
  • Put the control back into your hands where you have the power to create your own unique motherhood journey.

Reimagining your pregnancy

Imagine your only responsibility being your pregnancy. How would you nurture it, you and your baby?

Shaping your pregnancy vision... 

Set boundaries, reclaim your time, and create space for a practice that brings you more in line with your vision. Imagine committing to yourself and how it will create a pregnancy you look back on in years to come with the fondest memories.

Create your vision in as little as 3 minutes a day...

You'll feel more connected to your pregnancy and baby and more at ease in your pregnancy.


What's your current reality?

... What do you really want?

At this point you may be feeling some fear and not feeling in control of your pregnancy. That's normal.

In this unknown and unfamiliar space it's hard to know what to do.

Making changes or creating new habits takes intention and trust because you aren't even sure how or if it will pay off. This is where you begin strengthening your ability to trust yourself and your body.

Decide how you want to create your pregnancy story and make a choice now about how you want to define your motherhood journey. 

How much are you willing to open up to? Let go of? And, trust? Leaning into the unfamiliar brings the greatest joy on the other side. You have the answers inside if you cultivate the space and time to access your authentic self.

Finding your motherhood identity

Taking one baby step at a time and you'll soon find yourself living your new motherhood identity

It's possible to create a pregnancy rhythm that's simple, easy and shows you beauty at every stage. Pregnancy is a learning, evolving experience preparing and teaching you to let go and let be.

If you allow rather than resist, you'll find greater ease, comfort and less stress. Taking your pregnancy into your nurturing hands prepares you for the greatest gift of your lifetime; Motherhood.

The motherhood journey begins long before pregnancy. As your motherhood vision is birthing, the practices you integrate now will only strengthen your motherhood abilities.


A pregnancy membership with a complete approach to your prenatal health that meets you right where you're at in each trimester.
...It's much more than your typical yoga practice.

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The Kundalini Baby Membership

Simple practices to support pregnancy health and prepare for birth

Prenatal Kundalini yoga, meditation, mindset, breath and pelvic floor practices to support each trimester so you feel confident you're doing the right things for a calm, balanced and healthy pregnancy and birth.

healthy mama. healthy womb. healthy baby.
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Defining what Motherhood means to you

... I've been there too.


I'm Katherine, a yogini of 25 years, daily meditator, mom of one boy from whom I'm continuing to learn life's greatest lessons, pregnancy empowerment advocate, life-enthusiast and self-proclaimed cappuccino snob.

But when I was pregnant and struggling with the pressures and anxiety of becoming a new, modern day mama, what I discovered that helped me most was finding and connecting with my inner, feminine strength.

What got me there was my weekly prenatal yoga classes. As I started with breath practices and worked with my body, mind, spirit and baby I found my greatest strength; me. I learned how to better connect with myself, my intuition and my baby.

These classes became the highlight of my week... my me and baby time!

With consistent practice, I transformed from an anxious mother-to-be looking for answers everywhere into an empowered, calm woman enjoying her pregnancy journey while feeling ready and prepared, as much as you can, for my baby's birth.

I went in as I was expanding into motherhood.

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What You Get Out of Regular Practice.

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Benefits of Yoga and Meditation...

  • Reduces stress and anxiety and lower cortisol levels.
  • Improves mood by adjusting the endocrine and immune systems.
  • Increases your intuitive sense and connection to your baby.
  • Improves pelvic floor health for an easier birth.
  • Enhances blood flow to the brain which helps with focus, memory, depression and more. 
  • Strengthens and increases flexibility in your body to help prepare for birth.

Benefits of Breath and Mantra...

  • Vibrates the brain and nasal passage stimulates proper immune, nervous, and cardiovascular system function.
  • Improves sleep, which is critical for optimal brain and body health.
  • Creates a sense of calm and less stress creating more of the feel good hormones your baby feels too.
  • Elevates your energetic vibration like fine tuning a guitar. so you feel greater balance.
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Benefits For Your Baby's Development... 

  • Increased energy and blood flow help not only your brain but also your baby's brains growth and development.
  • Lowering stress levels, as scientifically proven, supports healthy growth and development.
  • Creating more feel good hormones like oxytocin, affected by your inner state of being and stress level, improves brain growth and development.
    • Your calm and safe feelings flow to your baby allowing the frontal brain cortex to grow larger vs. being acutely stressed. When you're more stressed more blood rushes to your extremities in a fight or flight response and the baby's limbic brain grows larger ... the part of the brain not responsible for logic and thinking but responsible for quicker reaction and for the survival instinct kick in to get back to safety.


As your baby has conscious thoughts in the third trimester, let's create happy, safe and calm ones.

What Others Have To Say ...




"My intention for this practice was to trust myself more, to trust my gut, to feel more confident. I can say with certainty I do feel a lot more confident."

Julia - what i got out of the practice:

  • Building a meditation habit and setting time for self-care.
  • Learning new breathing techniques that I can use any day any time.
  • Connecting with myself.

Kiki - "Keep sharing your knowledge my friend!!! We need it!"

The Power of Mindset Practice

"Wow 🤩 what an amazing observation! I definitely noticed my mind kick in and try to drop my arms! But the breath was incredible and helped to keep me calm and centered!"

"The mindset exercises were good to really see how to practice overcoming any discomfort."

Find Specifically Curated Practices Meeting The Needs of Each Trimester

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Prenatal Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Classes

75-90 Minutes

5 vital elements are a part of every class to maintain strength, flexibility, and comfort throughout your pregnancy while also preparing your mind, body and baby for labor and birth. 

The building blocks to a thriving pregnancy: Asana, Meditation, Breath, Pelvic Floor and Mindset practices.

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Energy Shift in 3 minutes
Deeper in 11 - 30 minutes

Quick energy shift meditations to manage thoughts and emotions in the moment.  

Deeper meditations to help regulate your body's internal nervous, glandular & immune systems, lower stress and increase intuition to become more in tune and aligned with your pregnancy and baby's needs.

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Breath Practice 

3+ minutes

Find a variety of breath techniques to support your different pregnancy needs such as, to balance your mood, energize your system, bring calm, improve sleep and help work through challenge.

Use breath as a simple tool to help in every stage of your pregnancy.

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When you're in the middle of labor and your mind tells you "I'm done" you will be so glad that you did these mindset practices to help your mind grow stronger and overcome these challenges.

With these 3 minute practice techniques you'll have the skills to use for a smoother labor and easier birth.

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Pelvic Floor

Various techniques are used to support overall pelvic health strength and flexibility.

Improving pelvic health helps your body support holding the size and weight of your growing baby, preparing for his/her birth and for quicker post delivery recovery.

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Membership Facets

Find support for your mind, body, emotions and baby with specially curated practices by trimester.

A complete pregnancy health approach that embodies the 5 essential prenatal practices.

Access pre-recorded guided videos anytime, in the comfort of home. 

A growing content library.

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Investing in Your Baby's Future

What will bring your precious little one the greatest lifetime benefit and have lasting effects?

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It all adds up.

These are all things you'll spend money on that are helpful for your baby in the short term...

but when you're investing in your baby's mental and physical health the things you do during your pregnancy have the greatest lifelong impact on his/her life.

Kundalini Baby

Online Membership

7-Day Free Trial with Monthly Membership


  • Trimester specific practices especially curated to support the changes and development in every one.
  • Foundational practices supporting complete pregnancy health. Beneficial throughout pregnancy and to prepare for birth.
  • Prenatal Kundalini Yoga classes.
  • Shorter targeted yoga sequences.
  • Meditations (3 - 31 minutes).
  • Breath practices.
  • Mindset practices.
  • Pelvic floor health practices.
  • 40+ available practices with more added regularly.

No charges incurred during the 7-Day Free Trial period.
Cancel anytime before trial period ends and no charges will apply.
Automatic monthly billing begins after the free trial.

To cancel membership: cancel anytime prior to the next billing cycle.

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Membership Questions

I'm personally available to answer any questions you have about any of the Kundalini Baby Membership choices. I want to help you to make the right choice for you, your pregnancy and baby.

You can email me directly at [email protected] and I'll reply with 24-48 hours.

Common Questions

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If we haven't yet blissed out together...


I invite you to lean into birthing your motherhood identity as much as you're preparing for your baby's birth. These practices will support you every baby-step of the way.

And, as sisters in motherhood, I'm here for you. I feel pregnancy should be nourished and Mama fully supported. 

If i can offer any words of wisdom they are to be present and to lean into your pregnancy for beautiful gifts await. And, the rhythm set now while your Baby is in utero shapes your pregnancy health and ease. But, more importantly, shapes how your baby begins his or her life journey. How you define your pregnancy can be the biggest gift you give to your baby.

As one mama said; "don't find yourself painfully miserable in your 3rd trimester." Grab onto the unknown, expand and explore all it has to offer!

Having practiced Kundalini Yoga & Meditation throughout my pregnancy and to this day (15 years later) my son and I have experienced its profound bonding benefits first hand. Hold the belief your baby brings the gift of the most beautiful, life changing and transformative life experience!

And Mamas! Pregnancy is life's miracle; both completely messy and absolutely beautiful.

You have the strength. Let me guide the way. 

Kundalini Baby

Online Membership

7-Day Free Trial with Monthly Membership


  • Trimester specific practices especially curated to support the changes and development in every one.
  • Foundational practices supporting complete pregnancy health. Beneficial throughout pregnancy and to prepare for birth.
  • Prenatal Kundalini Yoga classes.
  • Shorter targeted yoga sequences.
  • Meditations (3 - 31 minutes).
  • Breath practices.
  • Mindset practices.
  • Pelvic floor health practices.
  • 40+ available practices with more added regularly. 


No charges incurred during the 7-Day Free Trial period.
Cancel anytime before trial period ends and no charges will apply.
Automatic monthly billing begins after the free trial.

To cancel membership: cancel anytime prior to the next billing cycle.

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