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Experience A Calm, Less Anxious Pregnancy & Birth When You Learn The 5 Vital Elements of Prenatal Yoga Practice 

It's not your typical prenatal yoga membership.. The Kundalini Baby Membership applies a well rounded approach and supports your mind, body, soul and baby with yoga, meditation, breath, mindset and pelvic floor practices. (Kundalini simply means energy)

An approach that gives your pregnancy what it deserves.

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Tell me if this sounds familiar...

Feeling anxious, uncomfortable in your body, or unprepared for what's to come. Well, what if you could enjoy the rest of your pregnancy feeling calm, confident and secure in your body and fully prepared to bring your baby into the world?

Live Your Best Pregnancy While Preparing For Birth

Inside this online membership you'll find simple, curated practices available to you when the mood hits or the time works.  With over 40 pre-recorded practice videos from 3 to 75 minutes and more coming, you'll find everything you need to create your ideal pregnancy.

The Kundalini Baby Membership

Inside You'll Find Specifically Curated Practices Meeting The Needs of Each Trimester While Preparing You For Birth.

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Prenatal Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Classes

75-90 Minutes

5 vital elements are a part of every class to maintain strength, flexibility, and comfort throughout your pregnancy while also preparing your mind, body and baby for labor and birth. 

The building blocks to a thriving pregnancy: Asana, Meditation, Breath, Pelvic Floor and Mindset practices.

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 Energy Shifts in 3 minutes
Deeper in 11 - 30 minutes

Quick energy shift meditations to manage thoughts and emotions in the moment.  

Deeper meditations to help regulate your body's internal nervous, glandular & immune systems, lower stress, and increase intuition to become more in tune and aligned with your pregnancy and baby's needs.

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Breath Practice 

3+ minutes

Find a variety of breath techniques to support your different pregnancy needs such as, to balance your mood, energize your system, bring calm, lower anxieties, improve sleep and in preparing for birth.

Use various breath practices as simple tools to help through every stage of your pregnancy.

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When you're in the middle of labor and your mind tells you "I'm done" you will be so glad that you did these mindset practices to help your mind grow stronger and overcome these challenges.

With these 3 minute practice techniques you'll have the skills to use for a smoother labor and easier birth.

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Pelvic Floor

Various techniques are used to support overall pelvic health strength and flexibility.

Improving pelvic health helps your body support holding the size and weight of your growing baby, preparing for his/her birth and for quicker post delivery recovery.

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Hi, I'm Katherine Mardesich

And, if we haven't yet blissed out together...


I invite you to lean into birthing your motherhood identity as much as you're preparing for your baby's birth. In time, with practice you'll feel more and more prepared, confident, you'll feel stronger, less anxious. This builds the base for trusting yourself and your baby when you'll need it most, in birth.

These practices will support you every baby-step of the way. And, as sisters in motherhood, I'm here for you. I feel pregnancy should be nourished and Mama fully supported.